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Fruit Baskets Delivered


Handmade By Me Information

Australia has a proud tradition of self reliance, ingenuity and getting things done - and this is what makes our local handmade scene so unique - even the most humble backyard enthusiast has the tenacity to keep producing handmade products of such amazing quality and creativity.

Basically we are doing super good - woot!

With such a deep pool of talented independent and emerging artists, designers and crafters, it is no wonder people are looking increasingly online for access to a reputable, trusted authority to share what the community offers. 

And there is such a mish mash of sometimes questionable content out there, which is where the demand for a trusted and relevant directory sprang from.

Just have a look at some of the handmade blogs out there, with detailed step by step instructions and amazing visual aids to assist you in getting your handmade design just right.

"Handmade Designs feature the best of local - people, places and purpose - so you get a feel for what you are …

Stallholders Help Getting Found Online

Stallholders at Australian Markets Invited To Join our Directory!

Welcome to the world of being a stallholder at a Local Australian Market!

Local Markets have taken off over the past decade as people like you seek to make a meaningful connection with place, process and product.

No longer is it good enough to present food of questionable origin, or buy clothes produced in sweatshops and not feel as you are as much a part of the problem for supporting it with your purchase.

People have wised up to the idea that wearing a new $4 shirt means someone, somewhere in the world, has had to work by hand on that item in appalling conditions for as low as $1 for a 14 hour day.

Going to the markets offers you the opportunity to connect with the producer of the item, and buying from the markets acts directly in supporting the stallholder to continue her handmade work.

What's more - you can interact directly with manufacturer or artist and perhaps order a custom item, or look at other related w…

Riding the Ups and Downs

Criticism Is Opportunity

Clearly we all have a hard time dealing with negative feedback.

To the point everyone around you protectsyou from it.

But criticism is just an opportunity to improve.

An opportunity to improve & be better at what you do today than you were yesterday.

I look at failure in the same way.

If you fail at something, next time you are much more likely to succeed due to the first hand lessons learned.

External criticism is exactly the same – except it is other people telling you how to reach further success.

This guy does some inspirational work - have a look at

Handmade Markets

Please download you free ebook and join Find Handmade Australia here.
Keeping it handmade is a great idea that people love dearly about going to the markets.  Original, quirky and re used products make going to the market an adventure with unexpected surprises.  Keeping in touch with your local markets network is a great way to eat in season fruit, re-use and recycle local products and turn over some cash direct to local people.

 Everything looks fresh and clean in the morning light and a quick smile and willingness to put a fair price on a product means yu have every chance of making a sale.

Going to the Markets is always new experience with fresh food, friendly faces and fairs fees the secret to a successful market stall in Australia.

Account Creation

Account Creation

There are not many variables that can be modified to dramatically increase retention of visitors and convert a visitor into a customer like not requiring account creation.

When you force visitors to create an account and verify their email address prior to placing an order, you create an opportunity for the visitor to step out of the buying funnel and leave your site altogether. This means you have lost a potential customer simply by requiring account creation.

We have seen dramatic increases in conversion simply by removing the account creation step.

People who are ready to buy see email confirmation as unnecessary and will look elsewhere.

Limit the steps and clicks between the visitor deciding to buy and actually carrying through with the order and you get an increase in sales.

If you must have account creation, make it a natural part of the buying process that occurs simultaneously with placing an order – this way you get the sale and the account created wit…

Landing Page Hints and Tips

Does your landing page convert visitors into customers?

Getting your landing page right can be a great way to funnel potential buyers into your sales channel.

The landing page acts as a gateway to the rest of your website, and customers who click through expect similar content and offers as was promised if they did indeed follow the link.  So always under promise and over deliver - people are shrewd and impatient with their time, so meaningful follow through is what is expected.

* A strong call to action is essential to prompt the visitor into committing to the sale and following through with an order.

*  Surround your sales pitch with quality relevant content that is freely available for the customer to access and hence gain some instant "value" or return on investment just by visiting your website.

*  Capturing the buyers email address at any point in the buying cycle is worthwhile in that visitors who have previously shown an interest in your products will behighly lik…

Optimising Your Market Stall Site

Search Engine Optimization is improving the visibility and exposure of a website through careful attention to the website itself and the websites that link to it.  At The Australian Markets Directory, we have sustained success optimizing local sites for high traffic and exposure to buying customers – and we can do it for your site as well.  This means in real terms you can expect more calls, more traffic and hopefully more paying clients for your market stall.

Most people use Google or Yahoo or Bing and type in a few words to search for some results.  And the results displayed are the closest match the search engine can find to give the correct, most accurate answer.  The search engine finds these results from the literally billions of pages of information online by giving each page a rating, or ranking, based on what the page is about (the content) and how trustworthy, reliable and authoritative the information is.

Your Online Presence

1.  Have you got a web presence already?  You might have a blog or a Facebook page – that is great, and can be a launching pad for an online store with ecommerce functionality.  If you don’t have a web presence, get started today by going over to and registering a blog in your niche.  It’s relatively straightforward and there are a multitude of tools, tutorials and support forums available to help.

2.  Once you have a web presence, fill out your landing page with relevant content – that means get busy writing a meaningful and honest About Us page for starters.  This way, potential customers can see what you’re all about and tell where your passion and enthusiasm for your niche shows.  Include images, video, testimonials – anything that relates to your market stall and what you are about.  This gives the search engines something to find when people go searching for your brand online.

Designing Your Website

A mind map is incredibly useful for constructing a new website, with multiple uses, layers and different landing pages focused on specific demographics.  With the freedom and flexibility of three dimensional mind maps available, you can literally drill down to the finest detail of what content is available on your site.  At Newcastle Digital we encourage multiple attempts at designing exactly what you have in mind – hence the love of mind maps! 

Whilst your business could probably work with a five page site, it is simple work to expand to cover your target customers with some unique landing pages.  So for example you best spending customers are 30-45 year old women – we can create a landing page unique to this demographic with special offers to convert visitors into customers.
"Research is such an important part of starting a new Market Stall at your local markets.

There is nothing worse than starting your market stall without knowing what the competition is.

Some categories are basically overfull with stallholders and the competition is brutal! I wish that I had started off by thoroughly researching my niche and knowing at the bare minimum what the best five competitors were up to.

There is nothing worse than finding out that you are just one of many sellers offering a similar product. Be yourself and most of all be honest about your products, the you will get repeat sales ”

Abby, market stall with gift hampers and organics.

Australian Markets Directory: Markets Expansion

Australian Markets Directory: Markets Expansion: Markets Farmers Expansion Like all markets, growing your production is a steady process. Seasonal Conditions alone each year impacts heavil...

Markets Expansion

Markets Farmers Expansion

Like all markets, growing your production is a steady process. Seasonal Conditions alone each year impacts heavily on both amount produced as well as overall vintage, that affects horticulture, aquaculture, across all farmers markets and local weekend business.

No matter how good your practices and procedures, a poor quality harvest will severely limit your product potential. The cost of expansion is expensive and time consuming, although there are tremendous benefits across both health and local community by being involved.

Local supply chains and delivery routes are established and the tentacles of the local fresh market spreads by face to face cross pollination. Key markets indicators suggest there is a strong growth in the localisation of food and food connections.

The slow food movement, organic beliefs and wider understanding of permaculture is having a direct impact on the way people see food, and ultimately where they choose to buy it. Peo…

How Does a Markets Directory Work?

How Well Does the Markets Directory Work? One thing we all know is that people expect a lot from their paid advertising.  What with social media offering a great way to get your message out there, why would you put your trust in an online directory, and most importantly, what will listing in the Markets Directory actually do for my business?

I know you want exceptional results instantly with little or no effort at incredibly low cost – but that’s not achievable in the real world realistically.  So here’s what we can offer.

I thought the best way to demonstrate this is to list your market stall in real time and let you see for yourself over time how many visitors and how much traffic you get to your site.  But that is too slow, so the next best thing is to reach out and explain that inbound links to your site, from authoritative, on-topic sites (like the Markets Directory) offer impressive value from search engines.

Popular Niche Sites suit Directories
How can I explain this better? …

Newcastle Web Guru

Awesome results for dedicated search engine optimization. 
Follow our progress as we scale the heights and deliver sustained organic results for your business and get your genuine, authentic content out there.

Value Of Markets Directory

The Value Of Markets Directory

At The Australian Markets Directory, we have collected the attention of a vast group of people with similar interests, beliefs and experiences – that being Local Markets.  And as a focal point for these many businesses, markets organizers and enthusiasts, we are able to offer a unique selling proposition – having the industry as a whole at your fingertips.

Now we have the attention and focus of the Australian Markets Community, it is important to channel that value into the best proposition for new and existing member of the directory.  And we do this by offering a direct connection between your individual concern and the wider markets community. 

After we have assessed your application and where applicable, edited your submission to meet our strict quality control guidelines, you will be granted a listing in the directory.  This opens up great opportunities for your brand and with the consistent online promotion of the Directory, increased exposure to tra…

Markets Directory Listing

How Online Directories help Search Engines

Online directories work much like the old telephone directory, except the Australian markets Directory is a niche –specific resource – which means it carries serious weight with the search engines. 

When the search engine spider crawls through the directory, it establishes links and paths through the sites listed and with the category specific keywords – so your site is seen as part of the larger whole. 

This works great for getting your site seen in the right neighbourhood – alongside your competitors and fellow market stallholders.

Arts Markets

"If You Want To Create

your own thriving market stall business and you are willing and able to put the time and energy into it, the possibilities literally are endless. 

We get an amazing amount of feedback direct from our customers face to face – and honestly – there is nothing quite like that. 

Being a market stall brings such immediate results from such a broad cross section of people. 

With minimal investment of money, you have the potential to reach so many customers – but with an online listing in the Australian Artisan Markets Directory – we get the best of both worlds.

The best advice I can give is to treat every customer like you would like to be treated – simple as that. 

I know it sounds old school, but the saying still holds true – the customer is always right!”

Find Your Local Weekend Markets

How do I find My Local Weekend Markets?

Picture this – you’re on holiday, it’s the weekend and you feel like a stroll through the local markets – but where are they and when are they on - and how the hell do I get there?

Or, Picture this – You’ve bought a cool skirt from the lady at the markets but you’ve moved away and you can’t get in touch with her... How do you find her - you've typed everything you can think of into Google and you still haven't found her?

Or – There’s a tour bus coming through the region on a particular day and they would like the see what is on in the area for the tourists to experience.  Are your markets listed - does a prospective bus tour even know your event exists?

Three common nightmare scenarios in Markets and Stallholder land – where a great loyal customer can disappear through not being able to keep in touch with you and your market stall.  We can help me find my local weekend markets.