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Handmade By Me Information

Australia has a proud tradition of self reliance, ingenuity and getting things done - and this is what makes our local handmade scene so unique - even the most humble backyard enthusiast has the tenacity to keep producing handmade products of such amazing quality and creativity.

Basically we are doing super good - woot!

With such a deep pool of talented independent and emerging artists, designers and crafters, it is no wonder people are looking increasingly online for access to a reputable, trusted authority to share what the community offers. 

And there is such a mish mash of sometimes questionable content out there, which is where the demand for a trusted and relevant directory sprang from.

Just have a look at some of the handmade blogs out there, with detailed step by step instructions and amazing visual aids to assist you in getting your handmade design just right.

"Handmade Designs feature the best of local - people, places and purpose - so you get a feel for what you are …