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Landing Page Hints and Tips

Does your landing page convert visitors into customers?

Getting your landing page right can be a great way to funnel potential buyers into your sales channel.

The landing page acts as a gateway to the rest of your website, and customers who click through expect similar content and offers as was promised if they did indeed follow the link.  So always under promise and over deliver - people are shrewd and impatient with their time, so meaningful follow through is what is expected.

* A strong call to action is essential to prompt the visitor into committing to the sale and following through with an order.

*  Surround your sales pitch with quality relevant content that is freely available for the customer to access and hence gain some instant "value" or return on investment just by visiting your website.

*  Capturing the buyers email address at any point in the buying cycle is worthwhile in that visitors who have previously shown an interest in your products will behighly lik…

Optimising Your Market Stall Site

Search Engine Optimization is improving the visibility and exposure of a website through careful attention to the website itself and the websites that link to it.  At The Australian Markets Directory, we have sustained success optimizing local sites for high traffic and exposure to buying customers – and we can do it for your site as well.  This means in real terms you can expect more calls, more traffic and hopefully more paying clients for your market stall.

Most people use Google or Yahoo or Bing and type in a few words to search for some results.  And the results displayed are the closest match the search engine can find to give the correct, most accurate answer.  The search engine finds these results from the literally billions of pages of information online by giving each page a rating, or ranking, based on what the page is about (the content) and how trustworthy, reliable and authoritative the information is.

Your Online Presence

1.  Have you got a web presence already?  You might have a blog or a Facebook page – that is great, and can be a launching pad for an online store with ecommerce functionality.  If you don’t have a web presence, get started today by going over to and registering a blog in your niche.  It’s relatively straightforward and there are a multitude of tools, tutorials and support forums available to help.

2.  Once you have a web presence, fill out your landing page with relevant content – that means get busy writing a meaningful and honest About Us page for starters.  This way, potential customers can see what you’re all about and tell where your passion and enthusiasm for your niche shows.  Include images, video, testimonials – anything that relates to your market stall and what you are about.  This gives the search engines something to find when people go searching for your brand online.

Designing Your Website

A mind map is incredibly useful for constructing a new website, with multiple uses, layers and different landing pages focused on specific demographics.  With the freedom and flexibility of three dimensional mind maps available, you can literally drill down to the finest detail of what content is available on your site.  At Newcastle Digital we encourage multiple attempts at designing exactly what you have in mind – hence the love of mind maps! 

Whilst your business could probably work with a five page site, it is simple work to expand to cover your target customers with some unique landing pages.  So for example you best spending customers are 30-45 year old women – we can create a landing page unique to this demographic with special offers to convert visitors into customers.