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GROW Coaching Model PDF

The GROW Coaching Model is based on a simple process - and hat is what makes it a core element of personal coaching offered by Bren Murphy at his Mindfulness Training.  Perhaps the most popular Coaching model being used is the GROW model.

Originally developed by Max Landsberg and subsequently popularised by John Whitmore in his classic coaching text, Coaching for Performance. The beauty of the GROW Coaching Model is model is in its simplicity. However, do not mistake simplicity for simple. this model has endured and is still taught and used to great effect.

GROW Coaching Model
The principles are simple:

1 - Work with your client to build rapport and become comfortable and then move into exploring the topic for the session.

2 - What will be the goal that the client would like to work with.

3 - Having identified the Goal, ensure that it is SMART and congruent with the client’s life and business.

4 - With this goal in mind (as a target to aim for) work with the client to establish the c…

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