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Heather Mathews Manifesting Reviews

As a creative person, nothing is more important than being able to manifest your creativity and bring your vision to life - RIGHT?

Are you working hard at your own creative enterprise? and holding down a fulltime job? and managing a family? and still not really getting anywhere? Tired and overwhelmed?

So was Heather Mathews.

We all have that inner feeling when things are there to be created - but what is the best way of actually getting in the flow state and creating awesome new things?

I've been reading Wayne Dyer and listening to Brendon Burchard and following some amazing inspirational personal development blogs online. And then I stumbled across Heather Mathews. 

Here's her story.

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Heather was working hard - 60 plus hours a week, following a budget, investment property, putting a little extra aside into super, all the usual long term 9 to 5 strategies.

But Heather Mathews was frustrated an…