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Stallholder and Markets Australia

Finding the best local handmade arts and crafts in Australia for online shopping is always a challenge - often the best local artisans are not easily found in search.  For sure you can visit the markets yourself and make the face to face connection, but what if you are looking for a particular gift idea online?

Here's our suggestions for local handmade crafters who are growth hacking their way to the top with some really inspired designs and marketing.
Charlie Middleton
The Charlie Middleton line is simple, minus the bling decorations of chasing temporary trends, but instead just presenting well designed handmade leather goods. Ben says that using quality materials and processes is what people are looking for. As for getting meaningful feedback and having the opportunity to test new products-- it is as much a demanding task to know who to listen to-- as it is to make it when you have a good thing.

Ben operates from his Bondi studio weekdays and is out and about at markets most weeke…