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Handmade Markets

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Keeping it handmade is a great idea that people love dearly about going to the markets.  Original, quirky and re used products make going to the market an adventure with unexpected surprises.  Keeping in touch with your local markets network is a great way to eat in season fruit, re-use and recycle local products and turn over some cash direct to local people.

 Everything looks fresh and clean in the morning light and a quick smile and willingness to put a fair price on a product means yu have every chance of making a sale.

Going to the Markets is always new experience with fresh food, friendly faces and fairs fees the secret to a successful market stall in Australia.

Account Creation

Account Creation

There are not many variables that can be modified to dramatically increase retention of visitors and convert a visitor into a customer like not requiring account creation.

When you force visitors to create an account and verify their email address prior to placing an order, you create an opportunity for the visitor to step out of the buying funnel and leave your site altogether. This means you have lost a potential customer simply by requiring account creation.

We have seen dramatic increases in conversion simply by removing the account creation step.

People who are ready to buy see email confirmation as unnecessary and will look elsewhere.

Limit the steps and clicks between the visitor deciding to buy and actually carrying through with the order and you get an increase in sales.

If you must have account creation, make it a natural part of the buying process that occurs simultaneously with placing an order – this way you get the sale and the account created wit…