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Blogs for Handmade Markets

Just featured a local Market I visited over the weekend and noted how it has a popular, regularly updated blog - but none of the stallholders have taken the time to comment or join in the conversation online.  This is a big missed opportunity and is room for growth - each exhibitor at the market could take a few minutes and post their updates and social media profiles to the blog.

Keeping in touch is so important in the #handmade community and neglecting perfect opportunities like this are not helping your stall get found.  If you need help or advice on blog commenting, you can read an informative article at - it's really not as hard as you might imagine.

Sharing the #Stallholder guide to the markets in Australia so you can take control of your own seo and make an impact in converting people searching online to actually find your website and buy from you.

Featured Original Handmade Artisans

Just sharing a delightful recent interview we taped with Toby and Rosie Skincare and Cosmetics - a funky duo of Sydney based handmade entrepreneurs who are making their own skincare and cosmetics line.  It was a real pleasure to get the low down on being a stallholder within this niche.

Toby, proudly calling himself a hippie at heart, initially made a body butter and as is often the case – it was soon sought out by family and friends and before long he was making larger batch sizes to meet demand.  Combining this with a love of natural, authentic ingredients and Toby and Rosie was born – not before meeting Rosie in her native Guatemala and launching back in Sydney.
Toby manages everything about the brand – from product research to marketing to their online shopping website – he is a firm believer in minimizing external costs and having complete creative control over the brand. 

Trying to find a space for Toby and Rosie in the ultra competitive niche of skincare and cosmetics is…