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Stallholders Help Getting Found Online

Stallholders at Australian Markets Invited To Join our Directory!

Welcome to the world of being a stallholder at a Local Australian Market!

Local Markets have taken off over the past decade as people like you seek to make a meaningful connection with place, process and product.

No longer is it good enough to present food of questionable origin, or buy clothes produced in sweatshops and not feel as you are as much a part of the problem for supporting it with your purchase.

People have wised up to the idea that wearing a new $4 shirt means someone, somewhere in the world, has had to work by hand on that item in appalling conditions for as low as $1 for a 14 hour day.

Going to the markets offers you the opportunity to connect with the producer of the item, and buying from the markets acts directly in supporting the stallholder to continue her handmade work.

What's more - you can interact directly with manufacturer or artist and perhaps order a custom item, or look at other related w…