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Nature of Emotions - Infographic

The Nature of Emotions The nature of emotions and using mindfulness have an important role to play in keeping that stable, calm equanimity of balance and clarity.  Make sense?  What I am trying to say is that knowing your emotions is a powerful tool to understanding them and being able to moderate and master them.
Emotional mastery is a key attribute of success - and if you are unable to ride your emotions, as it were, you will struggle with consistency and implementation.
This colour wheel describes the interplay between the emotions and the shared intensity and similarity across the different emotions.

There are eight primary emotions defined by the theory and they are arranged as four distinct pairs of opposites.

The blank spaces have the descriptors of emotions that are combinations of the two emotions.

In the emotion chart, you can clearly see how stimulus events lead to behaviors and then effects.

The feeling state is the emotion - but as we all know - it is much more complex th…