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Find Handmade in Australia

This could be the start of something beautiful - or it could be a confusing mess - so let people know who you are as succinctly and to the point as possible. Here's some suggestions from
Be Honest about Yourself In the handmade sector people love quirky- right? It's part of the reason we're all here looking for something a bit left field and not traipsing up and down the aisles at target. So be yourself and just tell your story – chances are what you do will be quite distinctive and set you apart from even the closest competitor in your niche. Be a bit generic about some specifics so they can't totally stalk your whole previous life, but don't overly dress it up. Your story is original, unique and authentic just by being yours.
Keep it Simple We're all proud of some achievements – but keeping it short and to the point is what we are all about here. Mention the keywords of what you do and where you are likely to be found – all in nice sn…