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Best of 2014 Australian Markets Directory

The Best Blogs from 2014 at the  Australian Markets Directory

1 - Stallholder and Markets Australia
Finding the best local handmade arts and crafts in #Australia for online shopping is always a challenge - often the best local artisans are not easily found in search.  For sure you can visit the markets yourself and make the face to face connection, but what if you are looking for a particular gift idea online?

Here's our suggestions for local handmade crafters who are growth hacking their way to the top with some really inspired designs and marketing.

A really insightful post covering a few detailed interviews with markets and artisan #handmade artists.

2 - Blogs for Handmade Australia
Just featured a local Market I visited over the weekend and noted how it has a popular, regularly updated blog - but none of the stallholders have taken the time to comment or join in the conversation online. 

This is a big missed opportunity and is room for growth - each exhibitor at the market could…