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1 - Stallholder and Markets Australia

Finding the best local handmade arts and crafts in #Australia for online shopping is always a challenge - often the best local artisans are not easily found in search.  For sure you can visit the markets yourself and make the face to face connection, but what if you are looking for a particular gift idea online?

Here's our suggestions for local handmade crafters who are growth hacking their way to the top with some really inspired designs and marketing.

A really insightful post covering a few detailed interviews with markets and artisan #handmade artists.

2 - Blogs for Handmade Australia

Just featured a local Market I visited over the weekend and noted how it has a popular, regularly updated blog - but none of the stallholders have taken the time to comment or join in the conversation online. 

This is a big missed opportunity and is room for growth - each exhibitor at the market could take a few minutes and post their updates and social media profiles to the blog

Keeping in touch is so important in the #handmade community and neglecting perfect opportunities like this are not helping your stall get found.  If you need help or advice on blog commenting, you can read an informative article at - it's really not as hard as you might imagine.

3 - Buying Christmas 2014 Presents

As the hamper box is opened and the inner packaging and void filler is stripped away, it soon becomes clear that there is just few items of gourmet or Christmas value inside.

Unfortunately, this tactic simply functions because rushed and time poor corporate customers merely go for the lowest cost and the biggest looking hamper arrangement. Kacy discusses precisely why that doesn't get the job done and more in this particular enlightening interview.

In her time with the picnic basket and fruit bouquet company Kacy has seen some of the worst instances of tricking clients with big boxes, filled with goods like crackers and crisps that are primarily air filled, then immersed in a sea cellulose peanuts.

As you can tell, it has been a very successful year for us at Australian Markets Directory - we have launched Find Handmade - an online shopping portal and are making great progress with Christmas Gift Baskets.


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