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Future Self Hypnotherapy Script

Your Future Self ExerciseWhat is the Future Self?Your Future Self is the person you become as a result of the choices, decisions and random acts of life that occur from this point forward.  

You evolve and grow and are shaped by the events of your life, and the you in 20 years is not the same as what you imagine you might be, sitting here at this moment.

"Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they're finished." Dan Gilbert shares recent research on a phenomenon he calls the "end of history illusion," where we somehow imagine that the person we are right now is the person we'll be for the rest of time. Hint: that's not the case.

The Future Self Visualisation
This Future Self Visualization is based on a the actual hypnotherapy script I use for real one to one personal coaching sessions.  It's a powerful awareness raising exercise and brings to light the impact our current life choices (and lack of clarity and purpose around these curren…