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Creating a Personal Journal


Success Life Coaching specialist Bren Murphy shares his personal development hints - create a spiritual diary.
A personal journal is a powerful way to clarify your inner thoughts and put to paper what might be ruminating in your mind.

Keeping track of your meditation practice and noting your personal development is a great way to document what does and doesn't work.
It is also great to note your progress as you nudge closer to enlightenment.
Meditation Life Coaching A brilliant a beautiful journal can be a real source of pleasure to sit down and add your thoughts to.  just add images, cuttings, quotes and even sketches and observations as part of your day to day record.

For me, I began writing a journal on a ten day holiday and then brought the practice to my day today life.  Learning a new skill, or trying meditation techniques outside your comfort zone are great things to reflect on.

It's all part of experiencing life coaching in Sydney and it make…