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Find Your Local Weekend Markets

How do I find My Local Weekend Markets?

Picture this – you’re on holiday, it’s the weekend and you feel like a stroll through the local markets – but where are they and when are they on - and how the hell do I get there?

Or, Picture this – You’ve bought a cool skirt from the lady at the markets but you’ve moved away and you can’t get in touch with her... How do you find her - you've typed everything you can think of into Google and you still haven't found her?

Or – There’s a tour bus coming through the region on a particular day and they would like the see what is on in the area for the tourists to experience.  Are your markets listed - does a prospective bus tour even know your event exists?

Three common nightmare scenarios in Markets and Stallholder land – where a great loyal customer can disappear through not being able to keep in touch with you and your market stall.  We can help me find my local weekend markets.